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Derek Llambias Resigns as Managing Director of NUFC

derek llambias resigns as managing director of newcastle united

Derek Llambias, aka Derek Llambeze as Joe calls him, today tended his resignation as Managing Director of Newcastle United. I posted on Twitter wondering why the sudden departure, and there was no real answer, until I was tweeted this article in the Daily Mirror. Now, there are no direct quotes in this article, but in looking at some of the scenarios, this one seems to have the most legs.

Llambias was a staunch supporter of Pardew, even going so far as to back him, so if the dislike of Pardew wasn’t enough, then Llambias must have surely been majorly ticked off at Joe Kinnear (which if I were speculating could assume didn’t approve of Joe Kinnear’s arrive at the club in the first place).

So the Mirror article I linked to above says that Llambias handed in his resignation when new Director of Football pulled the plug on the Douglas deal because a) he had never heard of the player, and b) consulted Steve McLaren because of reason A. Seriously, this man’s supposed to be the club’s ‘football man’, yet he has no idea whatsoever about a player who has played in the top flight of Dutch football, the Champions League, and is a Dutch International?

The issue now, is where does this leave Graham Carr? If I were him, I’d be off like a shot, and you know what? No-one would blame him.

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