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Shearer Talks with Newcastle United Heirarchy Continue

Alan Shearer’s talks with Newcastle United will have taken up an entire week, yet we are still no closer to discovering whether he will be appointed as permanent Toon boss. The fact that the dialogue between the parties is going on for so long is not a bad thing like so many are making out. It’s clear that Ashley is keen to keep Shearer, but whether he can afford to meet Shearer’s demands is another matter entirely. However, can he afford not to ?

Let’s take a look at Shearers demands:

  • Complete autonomy over players incoming and outgoing
  • Control over staff being brought into the club
  • A fairly hefty transfer kitty rumoured to be anywhere between 15 – 20 million

How can Mike Ashley refuse that?

In all seriousness, the playing staff at Newcastle needs a complete overhaul, and, if we are to get promoted at the first shot, let’s give Shearer what he wants. It could spell complete disaster for this club if we don’t. We’ll obviously generate some kind of revenue from players leaving, but clubs aren’t going to pay full price for the players we have – if they were that good, we wouldn’t be in the mess we currently find ourselves in. Shearer will be judged on who he brings in, both players and coaches, so let’s equip him with the funds necessary.

Speaking of players, Ed Harrison of the NUFC Blog wrote a quality post on the good young players Newcastle United should be going after.

Hopefully the Shearer situation will be resolved soon. As the man himself has already said, every day we are in talks are days that are ticking by when we should be preparing for next season. With that being said… Howay Mike, give the bloke what he wants!

Howay the Toon

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