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It seems as if the past eight weeks have meant nothing to Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias. Newcastle United means something to us, with the consistent “we’re confident something will happen next week” bollocks it appears that this fine football club means less than dirt to those in charge at St. James Park.

Llambias, Newcastle’s Managing Director appeared on the radio show Total Sport today and said that the Barry Moat bid was ‘there or thereabouts’, but that there were others further down the line than the proposed Moat takeover deal. So if the Moat bid is ‘there or thereabouts’, surely the other consortiums are almost ready to put pen to paper? What a ridiculous state of affairs this is.

What’s even worse is when numpties like Graham Roberts play to the media with quotes like ‘They want to run their own football club’ (‘they’ being the fans) and heads up a consortium. Can’t he see that any further delay in the takeover process means more misery for the fans? I couldn’t give a toss who was running the club as long as they have decent business sense, but don’t patronise us with utter tosh – we’ll just loathe you even more than we already do.

On Total Sport, Derek’s final comment to the fans was to be patient. Patient?? This has been dragging on for eight weeks! We have no manager, a threadbare squad and owners who have made one bad decision after another. If this doesn’t end soon, the atmosphere surrounding our decent start to the season could become a thing of the past, and that could cause even more heartache.

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