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NUFC Back in the Premier League

On a day which will live long in the memory of Toon fans, we were promoted back to the Premier League without having to kick a ball yesterday, and I must say, it feels great. I remember how I felt when we were relegated and it wasn’t a nice feeling. I also remember how fans of other clubs and media pundits were all too quick with their criticism, and how Newcastle were ‘going to do a Leeds’ and that we were headed for ruin.

I’m proud today to call myself a Geordie and Newcastle United fan. I’m proud that Newcastle United is my football club, and I’m proud of the players and playing staff who have worked tirelessly this season. Let’s not forget what kind of team spirit we had at the end of last season. What a difference a year makes. The players and staff seem to all be pulling in the same direction. The Chairman? We’ll have to wait and see about that one, the jury is still well and truly out. Hopefully he’ll put his hand in his pocket and give Chris Hughton a decent transfer fund.

You could see what it meant to Chris Hughton at the end of game interview, the guy was very emotional. We could do far worse than have him as manager.

I’m expecting a season of struggle next year. Not because I’m pessimistic, but because we haven’t played decent football this year and we’ve still won. Some of the mistakes made at a Championship level will get punished in the Premier League and as fans, we have to acknowledge that. It has been nice to get that winning feeling around the place though, and with a new influx of decent players we should be alright.

Wait, was there a game yesterday? Oh aye, Newcastle beat Sheffield United 2-1.

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