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Newcastle United Taken off the Market

An official statement from St James’s Park today reads that Mike Ashley is committing to Newcastle United as it’s owner. Whether you love or loathe Ashley, it’s time people gave the bloke a chance. Aye, he may be a cockney and have a penchant to hire cockneys, but Rome wasn’t built overnight – let’s see how much financial clout he gives JFK in the transfer window before we make any knee-jerk reactions.

The full statement courtesy of the official site is as follows:

“I am happy to end the uncertainty fans may have had about the future direction of Newcastle United.

“I know just how important that is to you.

“I have withdrawn Newcastle United from the market, and for me 2009 will be the year in which we drive the Club forward together. Even when I haven’t been at games I have remained a keen supporter, kicking and heading every ball and cheering the team on TV and being the first to congratulate Joe whenever there’s a good result.

“When I took the decision to put the Club up for sale in September I made a point of saying two things were very important.

“Firstly, any potential buyer would have to show they had the best interests of Newcastle United at heart and had both the commitment and finance to be worthy custodians of such a fine football club before I would even consider doing a deal.

“And secondly, I gave you my word that as long as I remain owner, this Club would continue to be run responsibly at all levels. I hope you will accept that I have stood by that pledge.”

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