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Newcastle United Price Drops to £80 Million

Mike Ashley, Newcastle United’s much maligned owner has dropped the price of the club to £80 million. Ashley has given Barry Moat one more week to come up with the funds to buy the club (even though a few weeks ago we were told he had made a formal offer and that money was in the bank).

If nobody comes up with the cash, and let’s face it, things aren’t looking good, we could be stuck with Mike Ashley for who knows how long? Where there were some doubts over Ashley’s intention to sell the club, I think he’s now made his intentions clear.

Dear Mr Moat & rich Americans – please, come up with the money to buy our club. It really is a great city, with great fans. We’ll pay you back with our loyalty (honest). All we want is someone who knows how to run a football club and make smart decisions. Is that too much to ask?


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