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Newcastle United in Danger of Relegation

If it hasn’t been clear enough for the optimists amongst Toon supporters, the defeat against Arsenal should wake you from that alternate world you’ve been living in. Let me be clear about this, Newcastle United could be playing in the Championship next season. There, I said it.

We have 8 games left and we are currently in 18th place, two points adrift of Blackburn. Unless we start getting points on the board and quickly, we’re on a hiding to nothing. Our two toughest games, away to Liverpool and at home to Chelsea can be discounted, if we get anything from those two games it would be a bonus. Thats leaves the remaining six games and eighteen points to play for.

Recent talk from Kevin Nolan was that he is 100% positive that NUFC will be in the Premier League next season. Now is not the time for talk. Now’s the time to do the talking with our performances on the pitch, our perilous league position demands it.

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