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Newcastle Takeover to be Completed This Week?

The Mirror on Sunday are reporting that Mike Ashley is finally ready to relinquish control of Newcastle United. This comes after the club having to pay Kevin Keegan £2 million this week. Along with the report of the takeover news, the Mirror also reports that should Mike Ashley be unable to sell Newcastle before the New Year, he will award Chris Hughton a £5 million transfer war chest.

However, the Telegraph on the other hand are reporting that fans are plotting a buy-out of the Newcastle Chairman. They also report that Barry Moat is still in talks with the club regarding his takeover bid. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how a fans trust can generate enough money, nor clout, to move forward with becoming part of any takeover. It’s a grand venture – which Newcastle fan wouldn’t want to have a say in or own a small part of the club?

If I had my choice, I’d much rather have more experienced custodians put in charge of my club – Geordies or not.

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