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Newcastle Owe Keegan Two Million Quid

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The ongoing saga between Kevin Keegan and Newcastle United reached a conclusion today with the ‘winner’ being Kevin Keegan. It was decided that the former Newcastle boss was constructively dismissed. In other words, the club owe Mr Keegan two million quid.

However, what’s more revealing and possibly a damning inditement at just how much of a shambles the club is, was revealed by Keegan’s statement after the panel’s verdict. In it, he explains that he was forced to sanction the signing of a player ‘to do a favour’ for two South-American agents.

I think the club have came out of this one with with their reputation definitely tarnished, and their wallets lighter, but the monetary payment could certainly have been a lot worse. Hopefully, now that the Keegan saga has reached a conclusion, we can make significant progress with the takeover of Newcastle United. Something I’m sure we can all agree on.

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