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Mr Charisma Chris Hughton Offered Newcastle Job

You see that great big ditch down there? The one big enough to swallow St. James’s Park? That’s how far my heart sank when I heard the news that Chris Hughton was offered the manager’s job on a permanent basis.

Firstly, this is a huge backwards step and reeks of the lack of ambition wafting out from the Gallowgate. If there was ever a sign that we are a disfunctional club with no ambition whatsoever, this is it. I mean, it’s hardly inspiring is it? The only, and I really do mean only, positive you could take from this, is that the players who were wanting Chris Hughton to be made gaffer (the same Newcastle players to blame for shoddy performances), will now get their way. They better bloody put in decent shifts or there’ll be hell to pay.

Chris Hughton is a nice guy and a good coach. He is not a manager. Newcastle fans, is this really where you see our future? From where I’m standing things are looking bleak right now.

Hope beyond hope is that Barry Moat manages to obtain the resources to takeover NUFC and then we can build for the future.

Ashley out.

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