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Kinnear Makes Shock Return to St. James’s Park

fuck off joe kinnear

How to isolate a fan base..

According to Sky’s Peter Graves, Joe Kinnear will return to Newcastle United as Director of Football, and has been offered a three year contract. Kinnear will be in charge of playing style and transfers. There has been no official confirmation from the club.

Let that sink in a moment (and pick yourself up off the floor). The man who was responsible for a foul-mouthed tirade at media, and oversaw one of the worse times in recent history is now in charge of playing style and transfers. Imagine that, an odious letch of a man who is totally out of touch with the modern game, is in charge of our style of play.

I’m really lost for words at this point. For many, this is a watershed moment with NUFC, it’s just one poor decision too many. Makes no sense whatsoever. While other clubs spend millions in the transfer market, we bring in a bloke who was last relevant in the 80’s.

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