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Hunt for New Newcastle Manager Begins

As if yesterday wasn’t enough, we all woke up today with the realization that the new manager of Newcastle United Football Club could be very average indeed. The front runners so far are Alan Curbishley, Alan Pardew, Martin Jol, and Martin O’Niell. I don’t think anyone can argue that the two latter names would be a decent punt, but knowing Mike Ashley, he’s likely to go for one of the two former names.

With the rumours surrounding Pardew in particular, and his willingness to be a ‘yes man’ to the ever meddling Mike Ashley, you have to wonder whether Pardew would be in his right mind to take the reigns from Chris Hughton. Surely he knows that he won’t be welcomed? It’s plain to see from Twitter, blogs, and Facebook that the appointment of Alan Pardew would absolutely infuriate the fans, and rightly so. Why replace a man who has guided the team successfully from the Championship to Premier League mid-table security, with a man who was sacked by a League One Club for mediocrity? If he couldn’t cut it in League One, he’s hardly going to set the world alight in the Premier League.

I’m sorry Mike Ashley, but unless you want an all out revolt, there are only two choices from the names mentioned – Martin Jol or Martin O’Neill. If it’s Pardew or Curbishley, then God help us all.

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