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Graham Carr’s Future in Doubt?

please don't leave graham!

After the departure of Derek Llambias, which is said by many to be related to Joe Kinnear canceling the Douglas transfer, what idiot would want to work for Joe Kinnear?  You’d have to be mad!

Graham Carr, the mastermind behind Newcastle United’s scouting network, is said to be considering his future at the club, after Joe Kinnear canceled the incoming transfer of Douglas. If I were Graham Carr, I’d want assurances that Joe Kinnear would be allowed nowhere near the scouting network, yet alone given ‘authority over all football matters.’

But you’d have to question if even that is now in doubt, since originally Derek Llambias was handling finance, and Kinnear was handling football. One man can’t do both jobs, and Mike Ashley’s history of flying to the training ground on a helicopter is hardly the perception of an owner willing to put a shift in.

You’d have to think that there’d be many clubs throughout Europe willing to pay handsomely for Graham Carr’s dossier of players. After Graham’s put all the work in, who is Joe Kinnear to say that a player is or isn’t good enough for Newcastle United? How the bloody hell does he know? Has he been part of an extensive scouting network throughout Europe? Didn’t think so!

It’s never boring being a Newcastle United fan is it?

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