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Derek Llambias: “We Really Don’t Want to Rename St. James’s Park”

The Journal today published an article with quotes attributed to none other than our favorite cockney geezer, Derek Llambias.toonstand

With most sane Newcastle fans venting fury at the clubs efforts to sell naming rights to St. James’s Park next season, the club appear to be trying to alleviate some of the damage.

Llambias, when speaking to Sky Sports, explains the decision:

`We are just looking to explore and maximise all our revenues.“We’ve got a great opportunity at the moment because our sponsorships are coming to an end. So we have a kit sponsor, we have shirt sponsors and then we have stadium right sponsors.

“So our intention is to put a package together that would include for instance stadium rights with a jumbo screen included in that sponsorship which is great for the fans as well.

“Our intention is to have – for instance St James’ Park.

“We were never going to lose St James’ Park, it was always going to be @ St James’ Park.

I shouldn’t need to point out the obvious here, but why are we supposed to believe this load of guff when all they’ve said in the past has been total bollocks? Even if what Llambias has said is true, let’s say they only want to put the sponsorship name in front of St. James’s Park, it’s still making money off the the history and heritage of this fine football club.

We can’t let Mike Ashley continue to ruin Newcastle United. Support the lads on the field, give the fat blokes upstairs a protest like they’ve never seen before.

We’ll say this once if we have to say it a thousand times – it’s St. James’s Park or nothing.

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