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Coloccini Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

After talks between representatives of Fabricio Coloccini and Newcastle United reached a stalemate, it appears that Coloccini has decided to take matters into his own hands. The club captain, according to some media sources (here and here) have said that Coloccini has decided to walk. The defender has reportedly told club officials that he does not want to play another game from the club.

Information is sketchy at best, with no direct quotes in either report. So, NUFC have another matter to deal with. As if the club’s relegation plight wasn’t enough, the Captain has allegedly decided to walk out on the club – his salary is £60k p/week. As a supporter of this fine club, I want the best players to play for Newcastle – what a thought of the prospect of Coloccini and Mapou as our two central defenders. On the other hand, I don’t want a player staying at the club when he’s unhappy. It’s been quite clear that Colo hasn’t hit the heights of last season, and now we all know why.

Just to make things confusing, San Lorenzo released the following statement earlier this week:

“Finally, after long negotiations, we announce that Fabricio Coloccini will not join the roster of San Lorenzo.”

“It is not possible to release the Newcastle player, and therefore the club will look for another alternative to strengthen the defence.”

All we can do now then is just wait and see with this one. I know this much, if Coloccini does want to leave, it’s not going to be cheap.

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  • Yeah only time will tell. Apparently there will be a press conference tomorrow. Be a shame to lose him, but either way I wish they just come out with it and let the fans know what is going on. Another bloody player saga. Makes you wonder what is after this episode. HTL

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