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Coloccini Representatives in Newcastle

As if things couldn’t get any worse, representatives of Newcastle captain Fabricio Coloccini are in Newcastle to discuss buying out Colo’s contract. They apparently have backers who are prepared to pay full-whack for his contract. Unfortunately for fans of Newcastle, it means that instead of needing just one central defender in the winter transfer market, Newcastle will need two.

One thing we do know with Mike Ashley, is that he will drive a hard bargain with Coloccini’s representatives, and will only strike a deal if it means good things for Newcastle (monetarily speaking). All being said, Coloccini’s form has dropped off significantly this season, and he’s looked a shadow of his former self.

The only possible excuse the board could give to let Coloccini go this month is the return from injury of Steven Taylor, but that will mean that Newcastle have lost their top goalscorer, and one of our best defenders in the space of a few weeks.

It’s never boring at Newcastle, is it?

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