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Barry Moat Would Consider Selling Naming Rights for St. James’s Park

The people linked with Newcastle United are either perpetually stupid or completely inept.

Barry Moat has finally broken his silence regarding the Newcastle United takeover and his failure to buy the club. In comments released yesterday Moat admitted that he too would consider selling the naming rights for St. James’s Park. Anything to make a few quid eh Barry?

It’s clear now that Barry Moat is more of the Mike Ashley variety and not the clever, astute businessman we all hoped he would be when he was first linked with buying the club. Let’s get one thing clear for any other businessman, tycoon or consortium interesting in buying NUFC: The name of St. James’s Park is not for sale.

Will someone show me where I can spend a few bob and invest money in the NUST? I have a better chance in the takeover of the club than Barry Moat ever had.

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