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Another Day and Still No Update on the Future of Newcastle United

If you’re starting to wonder whether Newcastle United are doing any preparations for next season you would’t be alone. Three full days have passed this week and we are still no nearer in learning just what is going to happen with our club. We’ve followed the Toon through thick and thin and watched some crap football this season, but when it comes to learning what’s going on we don’t hear a dicky bird. Does that sound right to you?

We were told that talks were ongoing with Shearer and now the club is up for sale and we’ve heard nowt. I’m not saying we need to know the intricate details of everything going on, but just a message saying “Alright lads, we’re talking with Shearer and crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s“. Is that too much to ask? Instead we’re left to regurgitated news displayed through the back pages of national newspapers and on websites. If the club don’t agree with what’s being said or it’s not true, then give us some information that we can trust!

If we don’t hear anything by the end of this week, my positive feelings towards next season will be seriously diminished. No permanent manager installed, no leadership, players who don’t want to be there, no one to bring players in and the club is up for sale. Oh, and pre-season training begins on July 1st. It could only happen at Newcastle United.

Howay the Toon

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