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Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor Involved in ‘Training-Ground Incident’

Just when you thought things were going well for Newcastle United, out comes a revelation that two of the Geordie lads at the club have been involved in a bit of a bust-up. Steven Taylor has a suspected broken jaw while Andy Carroll is said to have damaged his hand.

Newcastle have sensibly kept schtum about the incident, preferring to deal with the matter internally. Alarmingly, wor Andy is becoming known to the national media for being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons – having recently been accused of assault in a Newcastle nightclub. In a small twist of fate, the ever provocative Joey Barton comes into contention for Tuesday’s game against Doncaster Rovers having not played since September.

We could do without this off the field nonsense, whether it’s kept behind closed doors or not. Nothing need distract us from the task at hand – making Newcastle United a Premier League club once more.

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