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Alan Shearer Speaks Out Over Newcastle United Job

Speaking before the charity game for Sir Bobby Robson’s charity, Shearer said:

“I am the same as everyone else, I am in limbo. I don’t know what is going on.

“Everyone is telling me there are people in to buy the club. If that is the case, then great.”

“I want it sorted out as quickly as everyone else does.

“I’m a fan like everyone else and I don’t like to see the situation the club is in.”

This is a damning indictment of the situation Newcastle United finds itself in. If the favourite to become the next boss knows just as much as the next bloke on the street, then it’s no wonder we’re up the creek without a paddle. You just can’t run a football club that way.

Hopefully the Geordies present at St. James’s Park when we play Leeds this week will let their opinions be known. Something needs to be done and quick. Forget the start of the season, there’s only five weeks left for the new manager to operate in the transfer window. If nothing happens before then (worse case scenario), then things could look very, very bleak for NUFC.

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