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Alan Shearer Finds out his Newcastle United Future This Week (Updated)

Update: There was no news this week (what’s new eh?) and Alan Shearer didn’t go anywhere near London. I’m going to resort to not blogging about anything until we know it’s true. The last piece of certain news was Keith Harris’ radio interview which said that Newcastle United would be sold by the end of June. Until I hear something official, I’m not going to believe anything put out by the local or national press. I suggest you do the same.

I normally don’t blog about rumour mongering from the tabloids, but there’s such widespread talk now about Alan Shearer’s summoning to London where he will be filled in on the future of NUFC. I respect the lads over at, and even they have posted something about the future being made public soon, so it must be pretty nailed on.

We can only hope that the news is good – anything other than Shearer’s appointment and some progression on the sale of the club wouldn’t do us any benefit at all.

Howay the Toon

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