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Alan Pardew Oversees Horrendous NUFC Performance

After finding out that Newcastle United all too predictably lost against Arsenal, I’m finding it difficult to support my club. This is now nine times this season in the Premier League that we’ve lost by three goals or more. How much lower can we go?

Potential relegation to the old Third Division didn’t feel as bad as this. There’s just a general sense of morose apathy surrounding the club right now. Inevitably though, Mr. Ashley will almost certainly retain Alan Pardew’s status as Newcastle United Manager. Why wouldn’t he? Fans still turn up, shop in the club shop, drink the club’s beers, eat the clubs food (if you still do those, cut that crap out right now). The once raucous St. James Park that saw the Toon defeat Barcelona 5-0 has turned into an Old Biddies nursing home.

The only situation that may cause Mike Ashley to give Pardew a kick up the arse however, is if Newcastle lose their next two games and finish in 11th. Unfortunately, it looks like Pardew will be given free-reign to squander more of the clubs money on average underrated players during the transfer window, whereas the mercurial talents of Hatem Ben Arfa will be seen no more. Let’s say the club went out and bought decent players, have you seen what Pardew has done to Sissoko, Gouffran, and M’biwa? The man has absolutely no idea.

So now the question for most fans, which is almost unthinkable, is this: Would you be happy with losing the next two games if there was a chance Alan Pardew would no longer be Newcastle United’s manager? I know I would. At this point, we have to look at what’s best for the future of Newcastle United, and I’ve never been so sure – it’s not Alan Pardew. This is a man who was sacked by League One Southampton, with issues of low staff morale – sound familiar? It should be, and it should make you very concerned for next season.

With David Moyes unemployed, and used to working with financial restrictions, he’s the obvious choice. We can only hope that Mike Ashley sees sense ands puts us all out of our misery, before it’s too late.

We’re going to have a party when Pardew gets the sack.

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