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NUFC – From One Blunder to Another

It never rains but it pours. Just this past week alone Newcastle United have:

  • Advertised the club for sale on their website with instructions to contact the club via email
  • Put the whole squad up for sale with nine players being pushed out the door first
  • Still have not made a choice of manager with pre-season training now less than three weeks away

Worryingly, Freddie Shepherd’s name keeps on cropping up as being linked to one of the consortium’s interested in buying the club. I say worryingly because the last thing we need is Freddie Shepherd being let anywhere near Newcastle United again.

However, there is good news. Keith Harris (of Seymour Pierce), the man responsible for selling Newcastle United admitted on an interview that there were two or three interested parties. Meanwhile, a group from Singapore claim to be interested in buying the club and have admitted they have made contact with Mr Harris.

One of the stumbling blocks to Shearer’s appointment seems to be that the new owners, whoever they might be, will want to appoint their own manager. I think there’s one thing we can all admit to though, if Alan Shearer is given a short contract – let’s say three weeks – he would do the best for Newcastle United football club.

Howay the  Toon

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